The Texas State Men & Boys Choir is a Fort Worth based non-profit organization founded by Executive Director, Gary McGrath in January of 2015. The choir originally began as simply a men's choir comprised various Alumni of the Texas Boys Choir, The Austin Boys Choir, The Lubbock Boys Choir, and the Fort Bend Boys Choir. Since then, the choir has been opened to men from any walk of life, and currently has members from all over the state of Texas and Oklahoma. 

Following this change, the choir also opened up their boys choir portion in the Fall of 2015. The boys choir is a treble only choir which currently has members ages 6 to 14 years old, and requires no musical experience to join. The choir welcomes and encourages Grandfathers, Fathers, and Sons to join the choir together to get the amazing opportunity to perform with family.

With Artistic Director, Alan Buratto, conducting the choir you can find them performing all over the state of Texas for Church Services, Weddings, and with various symphonies and chamber ensembles.

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