Fort Worth, Texas-based rock’n’roll band The McGrath Project cracked the Billboard Top 200 airplay chart with their first single; “Your Secret is Out”, in 2010 from their double album “Love is a 4-Letter Word, Volume 1 & 2”. This is the bands sophomore record, the bands debut record, self titled, "The McGrath Project" had two #1 internet radio singles, "Where You Belong" and "The Chance" on various internet and college radio stations across the US in 2008. 
   The 2010 single, “Your Secret is Out” has also made The McGrath Project #3 on the ACQB chart on April 14, 2010, (the chart showing the bands most added to commercial radio across the U.S.) Currently available from all major digital download stores through independent label GB Records (now 4818 Records), “Love is a 4-Letter Word” is an epic collection of songs straddling genres from rock, pop, country, blues, punk, psychedelic, and anything in between. 

   The McGrath Project’s current touring lineup consists of frontman and multi-Grammy-award-winning producer Gary McGrath, drummer Ryan Martin, keyboardist Dean Minnerly, singer Susan Cloud  and bassist Eric Delegard (Grammy Award winning producer).  All members are in the studio making the first full length McGrath Project CD/Record/MP3/8 track in 6 years. It will be out in 2017 with various tour dates all over the country. Check the calendar or find the band on facebook or reverb nation.

Gary McGrath official site

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