The Texas Boys Choir "60 Years of Excellence"

This "greatest hits" package of the Grammy Award Winning Texas Boys Choir was produced by Gary McGrath and released by his own GB Records to rave reviews all over the world

The McGrath Project, "Love Is a 4-Letter Word; Volume 2"

Volume 2 of this double record contains the single, "Piss Me Off" written by Gary McGrath, Amanda Naucke and Ann-Marita. It has become a live staple and a crowd favorite. As well as the song ,"Damned" and "Say That You Love Me".

The McGrath Project, "Love Is a 4-Letter Word; Volume 1"

This double record is the big hit for The McGrath Project. Containing the ACQB top 3 single, "Your Secret Is Out". The record ended up getting a collective 500,000 digital downloads, radio spins and requests and a "gold" records was presented to the band by which the band was also honored by being the stations band of the month on multiple months in 2010.

McGrath "Insomniatic Daydream"

This record contains the #1 internet Radio single, "Where You Belong" and the top 10 internet radio hit, "Read You Mind". The record has been praised by critics all over the US not only for its singles but for the cover versions of Bill Withers, "Ain't No Sunshine" and The Shocking Blues, "Venus". 

The Texas State Men's Choir - CD

This is the debut CD for The Texas State Men & Boys Choir, made before we created our boys choir. It debuted on the iTunes charts at number 39 and top seller list on Amazon music.

The Texas Boys Choir 70th Anniversary: A Standard of Excellence - digital download

the soundtrack to the documentary film directed by Dustin Meyer and Gary McGrath

Manny Charlton Band - itunes download

Here is the link to buy the Manny Charlton Band record, "Hellacious" produced by Gary McGrath and Gary plays on a few songs on various instruments and vocals. 

Robert Sarzo "After the storm" - itunes download

This is the debut solo record from Hurricane founder, Robert Sarzo.

The Texas Boys Choir/Gregg Smith Singers/E. Power Biggs - digital release

This is the 2nd Grammy Award Winning Record for The Texas Boys Choir and The Gregg Smith Singers as a unit. it was released in 1967 and remastered by Gary McGrath in 2000 for this re issue.

The Texas Boys Choir/ Persephone - digital release

This record was recorded in 1966 with the Gregg Smith Singers and The Texas Boys Choir. During the sessions composer, Igor Stravinsky called the choir, "the best boys choir in the world".

The Texas Boys Choir/E Power Biggs, The Gregg Smith Singers "What Child Is This" - digital re issue

This record is the follow up to the Grammy Award winning line up of The Texas Boys Choir, The Gregg Smith Singers and E. Power Biggs. Recorded in 1969 and re mastered here in 2003 by Gary McGrath

The Texas Boys Choir, At Home In The Great Hall - digital release

This was the return of the Texas Boys Choir as its first commercial release in 1991 after a 10 year break from nationally distributed releases.

The Texas Boys Choir, Christmas In The Great Hall - digital release

recorded in 1992, this was the 2nd release of The Texas Boys Choir of a 3 record deal and the largest selling record from the Texas Boys Choir since 1969's "What Child Is This". Conducted by Alan Buratto and tracked recorded by B. Red. All choral arrangements by Jack Noble White.

Greg Westfall - full record

This CD was produced by Gary McGrath and recorded in 2003 at Gary's GB Records Studio in Fort Worth, Texas and Private Island Trax in Los Angeles. It was mixed by Michael McDonald and released under Greg Westfalls Blue Mule Records. 

Serena "Allow Me To Introduce Myself" - digital record

Serena was a guitar student of Garys who showed she had a lot to say and a great singing voice. Gary wrote some songs with her and produced this debut EP. 

Kristina Donahue Familiar - digital release

Kristina Donahue is a performer now based on the East Coast. On her Debut EP she covered Gary McGraths song, "Peace of Mind" in its original form before being re written for The McGrath Projects, "Love is A Four Letter Word" record.

Bella Sol - digital release

incredible west coast performer who co wrote some music with Gary.

The Texas State Men & Boys Choir/ Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir & The Texas Girls Choir Voices of Creation - CD itunes

This record is the music of Fort Worth based composer, Jack Noble White. It was produced by Gary McGrath in 2017 as a tribute to the composer. The music is beautifully performed by the Texas State Men and Boys choir, The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir and The Texas Girls Choir. 

Following the Star - itunes

Following the Star is a traditional Christmas record featuring the Texas State Men and Boys Choir and the Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir. Produced by Gary McGrath

Glory of Gabrieli Volume 3 - itunes

The original Gabrieli records were released in three volumes, The Glory of Gabrieli (Grammy Winner) The Glory of Venice and Volume 3.  They have been remastered by Gary McGrath and released by Sony (the original record company) but released under various titles. This is the new title for the A Cappella Choirs. 

Texas Boys Choir/ Gregg Smith Singers "Beware The Soldier" - itunes

Recorded in the early 1970's, "Beware the Soldier" was a remarkable concept choral record commissioned by George Bragg for composer Gregg Smith. 

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