About Gary McGrath

Gary McGrath 

Producer | Artist | Recording Engineer

Gary McGrath is currently an engineer at 4818 Records and Reel Time Audio in North Texas.



The Texas State Men & Boys Choir "Serenity" (producer/recording engineer) 2018

Texas Girls' Choir "Tradition" (producer/recording engineer) 2018

Danny Wright "It's All Wright" (producer/recording engineer/string arrangements) 2017

The Texas State Men & Boys Choir/The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir/The Texas Girls' Choir "Voices of Creation: The Music of Jack Noble White" (producer/recording engineer/string arrangements) 2017

The Texas State Men & Boys Choir/The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir "Following the Star" (producer/recording engineer/song arranger) 2016

The Texas State Men's Choir "Prayers, Poems and Promises" (producer/recording engineer) 2015

Manny Charlton Band "Hellacious" (producer/recording engineer/guitarist/vocals) 2012

Ann-Marita "Chatterbox Cafe" (demos) (recording engineer/guitars/bass) 2010

Serena "Allow Me To Introduce Myself" (engineer/producer/guitars) 2011

Left At The Sun (demo) (recording engineer) 2011

The McGrath Project "Love Is a 4 Letter Word; Volume 1 & 2" (artist) 2010

The McGrath Project "Phoenix" (artist) 2015

The McGrath Project "Closet Full of Skeletons" (artist) 2019

The Texas Boys Choir "60 Years Of Excellence" (producer/recording engineer) 2002

The Texas Boys Choir "Glory of Gabrieli" (remaster engineer) (Grammy Award) 2000

The Texas Boys Choir "Persephone" Sony Records (remastering engineer) (Grammy Nomination) 2016

The Texas Boys Choir "70th Anniversary; A Standard of Excellence" (recording engineer/producer) 2016

Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues "Hands Down EP" (out of print) (producer/guitar/vocals) 2001

Manny Charlton "It Does Something" (single) 2013

Greg Westfall "Texas Theater" (producer/recording engineer) 2000

Robert Sarzo "After The Storm" 2013

Vivian Campbell "The River Dogs" 2013

Fort Bend Boys Choir "Heavenly Euphoria" (producer/recording engineer) 2016

Beau Taylor Band "Taylor Made" (producer/recording engineer) 2014

Lydia's Libido "Lydia's Libido" (artist/producer/recording engineer) 2013

Lydia's Libido "Kiss The Frog" (artist/producer/recording engineer) 2014

Shay Astar "Blue Music" (record company) 2010

Client Studio

Michael Nesmith (Rays) - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

Bon Jovi (multiple sessions 2000-2008) - Henson Recording Studios (3rd Engineer)

Peter Tork (Hands Down) - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

The Naked Brothers Band - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

Michael Wolf - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

BB King (Riding With The King & B.B. King & Friends 80) - O' Henry (3rd Engineer)

Luis Conte - Home Studio (1st Engineer)

Spencer Davis - Gari Sound (1st Engineer)

Tim Bogert - Gari Sound (1st Engineer)

Eric Dover (Sextus) - Gari Sound (1st Engineer)

Greg Westfall - GB Records (1st Engineer)

Zoro - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

Will Ray - Private Island Trax (2nd Engineer)

Manny Charlton - Charlton Sound (1st Engineer)

Omaha - Command Recording Studios (1st Engineer)

Scarlet Pommers (Demos)

DEVO (re-masters) - Warner Brothers Music/Rhino Records

Samantha Newark (Demos and Lydia's Libido) 

Micky Dolenz (King for a Day) - Mastering Sessions



Penny Gilley - S. Korea and US  2001-2002

Peter Tork - "Wanted In Texas Tour"  2000

Ann-Marita  2010-2013

Manny Charlton  2011-2015

The McGrath Project  2009-Present

Lemon Tree Yard Sale  2011-2012

Spencer Davis Group  2010 & 2013

Mel McDaniel  2001

Peter Frampton  2012

Lydia's Libido  2012-2013



(People who have played with Gary on his recordings) 

Spencer Davis, Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge), Chet McCrackin (Doobie Brothers), Stevie Gurr (Elvin Bishop), Will Ray, John Jorgenson, Luis Conte, Zoro, Kenny Arronoff, Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses), Manny Charlton (Nazareth), Phil Parlapiano (Bon Jovi/Tracy Chapman), Bryan Head (Foreigner), Mark White (Spin Doctors), DJ Endra (Macy Grey), Hugh McDonald (Bon Jovi), John Palmer (5th Dimension), Teddy Zig Zag (Guns N Roses/Alice Cooper), Lynn Coulter, Mark "Pocket" Goldberg, Dave Celentano, Will Donavan (Phil Collins), Mike Dupke (WASP), Greg Bissonette, Jeff "Skunk" Baxter (The Doobie Brothers/Steely Dan), Sean Winchester (Everclear/Bow Wow Wow)


Radio Shows

The Jamie and Danny Show - STAR 98.7FM Los Angeles  2003-2004

Oyster and Chops Show - ARM 88.1FM Los Angeles  2005

Van Eric Rock Show - LA Talk Live  2011-2012

Twang Thang - LA Talk Live  2011-2012

LA Rocks (guest co host on 4 episodes)



Blue Microphones

Mod Tone FX

Matchless Amplifiers

Red Witch Effects

Orange Amplifiers

Tradition Guitars

Swiss Picks

ESP/LTD Guitars and Basses

OCP Drums

REMO Drum Heads

Guild Guitars


Record Company & Artists

4818 Records is Gary McGrath's indie company. They manage or have previously managed:

Shay Astar, Serena, Manny Charlton, The Texas Boys Choir, Peter Tork & Shoe Suede Blues, Ann-Marita, Vivian Campbell, Robert Sarzo, The Texas State Men & Boys Choir, The Fort Bend Boys Choir, The Dorothy Shaw Bell Choir, The Irving Symphony Orchestra, Texas Girls' Choir

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